Entertainment from Zana's Roving acrobats

Ideal for outdoor carnival or picnic style events Zana’s Roving Acrobats will add flair and interest to your event. Zana’s acrobats combine Adagio and group Acro-Balance with circus style skills like juggling, hoola-hoop and poi to create thrilling and engaging performances. A personalised style of entertainment that can be tailored to both low-key, relaxed, events and large, high energy, ones. 


The Roving Acrobats move through the crowd, periodically setting up their ‘tape stage’ at an appropriate place and performing a short routine. This gives everyone the chance to be in the front row for entertainment! Zana’s Roving Acrobats are trained to gauge and respond to audience reactions allowing them to tailor each performance to suit the area and the vibe. This interactive style of performance amps up excitement levels and keeps the crowd feeling engaged and entertained.

When should you hire Zana's roving acrobats? 

  • When your guests love exciting and engaging entertainment. 
  • When your event is spread over a large area and stationary entertainment would interfere with crowd distribution. 
  • When you have enough roof height to allow for acrobalance (about 3m minimum) 

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