Pole Dancing

Pure Pole

Fun and challenging, these classes focus on the graceful and athletic aspects of pole dancing. These exciting and sporty classes encompass both spinning and static pole tricks. Students begin with basic tricks and combinations. As they progress these are built on to become more complex combinations and full length routines. 

Required fitness/strength: You will build strength as you learn but it is much easier to learn pole dancing if you are already able to support your body weight in an engaged, straight arm hang. 


6 week block - $145.00

Casual Class - $30.00

Not sure what to expect in a pole dance class at Zana? Check out our intro video: Pole Dancing at Zana 


The Sass Class

Never danced before? Working on your confidence? Curious about dancing with props and lyrical pole? Try Zana's Sass Class, make new friends and learn all these and more! 

No pole dancing or other dance experience required.  

Tuesdays @ 5:45pm

6 week block - $145.00

Casual Class - $30.00