Acrobalance Beginners


Acrobalance / Acrobalance Conditioning classes introduce students to the fundamental concepts of acroblance as well as build strength, muscle control and flexibility which can then be used to  do more complex acrobalance in our Higher Level Acrobalnce classes. A fantastic class to join with a friend or partner!

Required fitness/strength: Conditioning is a large part of this class so it is not necessary to be strong  but if you can hold a front support position that is helpful.

Tuesdays @ 6:00pm

6 week block - $100.00

Casual Class - $20.

Acrobalance Intermediate - advanced


Higher level acrobalance classes focus largeley on adagio but continue to include group activities. Not only do these classes delve in to more difficult tricks but it also emphasises smoothly transitioning between moves to create beautiful and skilful routines.

Thursdays @ 6:00pm

6 week block - $100.00

Casual Class - $20.00

Check out our video Acro at Zana for an idea of what to expect in class!