Frequently Asked Questions

How do I enrol? 

Enrolling in classes is easy, just follow the steps below;

  1. Check out the classes (under the 'classes' tab) on offer and decide which one/s you would like to join. 
  2. Contact the Zana crew via e-mail ( or telephone (0478766724) or even through Facebook (Zana Aerial Dance Academy) to confirm that it is the right class for you and that there are spaces available in it. The staff member will be able to book your place in the class and give you a start date.
  3. Organise payment, these can be made in cash at the studio (Eftpos facilities are not available) or via online deposit. 
  4. Fill out our online waiver form at 
  5. Get pumped and come along for an amazing class!! 

What do I wear to class?

Pole dancing class: 
Shorts (tight bike shorts or loose sports shorts are fine, as long as you have a full range of movement and your knees are bare as skin is needed to hold to the pole)
A shirt you can move in easily. 
Avoid jewellery (particularly rings and bracelets). 

Silks/Aerial Tissu: 
           Full length leggings (skins are also fine, but zips must be avoided) 
           A comfortable sports shirt, preferably with sleeves (T-shirt rather than tank top.) 
           which you can go upside down in. 
           No jewellery, belts or zips. 

Lyra and Trapeze:
            Leggings (full or three quarter length) 
            A fitted top (as baggy isn’t good for modesty or safety when
            you’re upside down!)
            No jewellery, belts or zips.

Fitness and Flexibility Class:
            Your usual workout clothes.

What should I bring?

            Just bring a drink bottle and lots of enthusiasm!

What level of fitness do I need?

There is no minimum fitness requirement. However, if you feel that you would like to improve your fitness before joining an aerial class we offer 'Flying Fit' classes specifically designed to help build the strength, stamina, flexibility and muscle control needed for aerial dance. 

Do I need any Dance or Gymnastics experience?

Dance and Gymnastic experience are definitely not required; we have classes for all levels of experience.

Which class is best for me?

The best class is usually the one which interests you most, but if you wish to experience all the apparatus before deciding which one you would like best a private lesson is a great way to experience all of them in one timeslot. Otherwise please get in touch with us and we will help you decide which would be best suited to you. 

Isn't Pole Dance a bit risqué? 

Pole is daring, and risqué can be fun! Our hens nights, for example, push the boundaries of 'proper'. Our classes are sports based though. In them we focus on tricks, combinations, technique and strength. We believe that beauty and sensuality are a wonderful part of dance; we also believe that such attributes stem from skill, power and grace. So we encourage students to find the freedom of expression made possible by dance in a way that respects their bodies as powerful, beautiful and strong. Sexy, in a way that is entirely independent of lewdness.

Can I come with a group of friends?

We encourage people to sign up with friends and will organise classes to accommodate groups who wish to learn together. If you don’t have a group of friends who wish to join though don’t let it hold you back: our classes are friendly and inclusive and you will find they’re full of fun, like minded people to share the learning experience with.

How many classes a week should I attend?

We run numerous classes each week and you are welcome to join as many as you would like.  People often start with one aerial class each week and move to two a week as they progress into advanced levels. We encourage people in the fitness class to attend more than once a week but it depends on how quickly you wish to see results.

What happens in an Aerial Dance lesson?

Aerial Dance lessons begin with a warm up designed to prepare the muscles and ease the students into sports mode. Students then learn several moves/tricks on the apparatus before going over those learnt the week before. Then time is spent on improving skills which contribute to aerial awareness, strength and flexibility. Pole students will then learn part of the term's routine while students of the other aerial apparatus’ will learn combinations. Then it's time for flexibility and fitness before a gentle cool down to finish the lesson. 

I’m not very fit or flexible, can I still do aerial dance?

Definitely! Fitness and flexibility will both be improved during lessons and we will discuss your sports experience and fitness levels with you before you begin in order to match you with the most appropriate class.  

Do you offer make up classes?

We offer one make-up class per 6 week block.s a class. However, we do require that the class is made up within the term and the studio is given at least four hours' notice that the student will miss the class they are enrolled in.
Private classes will only be made up if the studio is given 24 hours notice that the student will be unable to attend.